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As instituições de Vermont estão falhando na juventude em idade de transição?

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This is a recent speech given by Sam Bolz, a Spectrum staff member that works in the Burlington Drop-In Center, during a KidSafe Legislative Forum. It was so genuine and powerful that we wanted to share his humble words publicly as well. “The vast majority of the youth that we serve are “transition-aged,” people who …
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Renovação do Drop-In Center e Vault

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This fall, we raised money to renovate our Drop-In Center and the large, unused vault behind the Drop-In Center. Thanks to a group of generous donors, we raised $226,115 for the renovation – to make sure our doors are open for the next youth who needs help. Read below to learn more about the plan, …
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Jovens sem-teto em Vermont

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If you walk by the Drop-In Center on any given evening and look through the windows, you’ll probably see anywhere from 10-25 young adults unwinding from their day. They might be making themselves a cup of tea, playing Uno and joking with one-another, talking with a staff member, or helping with dinner preparations—much like any …
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