Ma u baahan tahay caawimaad hadda?
If you are between the ages of 12-30
and need help, halkan guji.
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Meel ka harta dhaxanta dhalinyarada wajahaysa hoy la'aanta.

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As Will Towne, our supported housing supervisor, put it, “We’ve been full pretty much every single night, which is great, the word is getting out, but it also goes to show that there’s a need for increased services.”
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Sidee timo jare u sameeyaa farqi weyn.

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Our friends at Dealer.Com partnered with the incredible Lux Barber Shop to offer free haircuts for our youth. Thank you!
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Woqooyi runti ma "kor" baa?

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To be in the housing program at Spectrum, you are required to be working on something. Whether it be employment and building your savings, school, or yourself. I chose to work on myself.
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