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Những lời bạn không bao giờ muốn nghe cha mẹ nói

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Our executive director recently received a note from a mom whose son is consumed with his addiction. “I myself feel very guilty and a failure as parent because I knew this could happen to him. I talked to him about it several times…” she wrote. “But talking and a good family weren’t enough.” You can read Mark’s response in the …
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Nói về nghiện ngập? Lựa chọn từ rất quan trọng.

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This spring, the Associated Press Stylebook removed the word “addict” as a noun. This change is important for humanizing people with drug addictions. “When you call someone an addict, it reduces them to just that,” said Mark Redmond, our ED. “But it’s just one element of their being — they’re a mother or a brother …
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Sự xấu hổ về mặt văn hóa khi nghiện ma túy

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“We as a culture attach shame to drug addiction. What would it be like if we didn’t?” Melissa Deas, High Risk Interventionist for Spectrum in Addison County, VT shares what we must do in order to become a more responsive community.
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