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No necesitan un superhéroe. Solo necesitan un amigo.

Change both your life and the life of a youth!

For just a few hours a month, you can make a difference in the life of a teenager or young adult.  Enjoy time together on a bike ride, teaching them how to cook, or exploring career options. These young adults have all been recommended by someone who knows them and who truly believes that they will benefit from sharing time with a positive adult role model. 

¡Todo lo que necesitamos eres tú!

You don’t need to be a hero or a trained counselor. Spectrum mentors spend time doing activities and setting goals with a young person between the ages of 12 and 22 who needs a positive adult role model.

¡Cambie tanto su vida como la de su aprendiz! A mentor recently told us…

“¿Sabes lo que me dijo mi aprendiz recientemente? Ella dijo: "Desde que te conozco, me he vuelto más valiente".

Spectrum Mentors and Mentees are matched based on shared interests and meet at least twice a month. We have a particular need for male mentors of color, and LGBTQ+ identified mentors.

Lo que pedimos

Spectrum pide que cada mentor:

  • Comprométase a dedicar 4 horas al mes distribuidas en 2 a 4 sesiones que se ajusten a sus dos horarios
  • Comprometerse a igualar por un mínimo de un año
  • Tener al menos 21 años de edad.
  • Tener acceso a un automóvil asegurado y una licencia vigente o tener acceso a un medio de transporte confiable
  • Be willing to attend 8 hours of training in 1 to 2-hour increments. These are offered at your convenience
  • Pasar una verificación de antecedentes

Apply today to become a Mentor to a young person at Spectrum!

Refer a youth by filling out this referral form and emailing it to: mentoring@spectrumvt.org.

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