Unahitaji Msaada Sasa?
If you are between the ages of 12-30
and need help, Bonyeza hapa.

Timu yetu ya Uongozi

Mark Redmond, MPA

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji

Mark has been Spectrum’s Executive Director since 2003. He has worked with homeless and at-risk youth since 1981 – in New York City; Westchester, NY; and Stamford, CT. Before coming to Spectrum, Mark was the Associate Executive Director of the Domus Foundation and helped start the city’s first charter school for low-income middle school children. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Villanova University and a Masters in Public Administration from New York University. In addition to working at Spectrum, Mark is the author of The Goodness Within: Reaching out to Troubled Teens with Love and Compassion (Paulist Press) and Called: A Memoir (Onion River Press). He has had articles published in ForbesThe New York Times, The Washington Post, the Huffington Post and Burlington Free Press.  He has also been on NPR’s The Moth and other podcasts such as RISK!, Strangers, The Lapse and Stories from the Stage.

Mike Grant

Chief Financial Officer

Mike joined Spectrum in February 2023 as the CFO following a wide range of financial positions in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Prior to joining Spectrum, he worked at Goldman Sachs, Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, and two CPA firms. He grew up in Hyde Park, VT, and holds a MSA from St. Michael’s College and a BS from Castleton University.

Leslie Ferrer, LICSW, LADC

Chief Clinical Officer

Leslie has been Spectrum’s Chief Clinical Officer since 2014. She has worked as a clinical social worker since 2000 working with children, adults and families across the lifespan in home-based services, schools, communities, outpatient services, crisis services, homeless services, medical settings, addiction treatment programs, and correctional facilities.

Yeye ni Mfanyikazi wa Kliniki wa Kujitegemea aliye na Leseni na Mshauri wa Pombe na Madawa wa Leseni. Alipokea digrii yake ya Shahada ya Saikolojia kutoka Chuo Kikuu cha Boston na digrii ya Uzamili katika kazi ya jamii kutoka Shule ya Uzamili ya Chuo cha Simmons. Anaishi Winooski na anafurahi kutumia wakati na familia yake, kufurahiya nje, kupika na kuoka, kufanya mazoezi ya yoga, na kucheka na marafiki.

Je! Towne

Chief Operating Officer

Will came to Spectrum as Residential Staff in 2013 and has since served as a Case Manager, Intake Coordinator, Supported Housing Manager, and now Chief Operating Officer.

Kabla ya kuja Spectrum, Will alifanya kazi katika Urithi wa Anga na ana digrii ya Shahada ya Saikolojia kutoka Chuo cha St. Asili kutoka New Hampshire, anafurahiya baseball, gofu, na upandaji wa theluji.

Sarah Woodard, CFRE

Chief Development & Communications Officer

Sarah Woodard joined Spectrum in June of 2012 and has been working in the field of fundraising, marketing, and communications since 1999. As Chief Development & Communications Officer, she oversees the organization’s individual, corporate, and foundation fundraising along with Spectrum’s website, public relations, and social media. Prior to Spectrum, Sarah worked at the Institute for Sustainable Communities in communications and development. Sarah holds a BA in English from Bates College and a BFA in Fine Arts 3D from Massachusetts College of Art + Design. She lives in Burlington with her family.

Galen Blodgett

Maelezo ya Kazi Meneja Mkuu

Galen ni Vermonter wa asili ambaye alitumia miaka kumi akifanya kazi katika ufundi wa magari akianza kama Mtaalam na akifanya kazi hadi kwa Meneja Mauzo. Baadaye alihamia uwanja wa Usalama na Marekebisho, na sasa anatumika kama Meneja Mkuu wa biashara ya kijamii ya Spectrum, Detail Works. Galen anafurahiya kujaribu vyakula vipya, hadithi za roho, na ana shauku ya shughuli za nje pamoja na kuongezeka kwa wikendi na familia yake.

Kristen Breault-Bolio, MS, LCMHC, LADC

Director of Riverstone Counseling

Kristen alijiunga na Spectrum kwa mara ya kwanza mnamo Mei ya 2012 na kuwa Meneja wa Programu ya Ushauri wa Ushauri wa Riverstone mnamo 2017. Amekuwa akifanya kazi na vijana na familia zao na wasiwasi wa afya ya akili na utumiaji wa dawa tangu 2008. Yeye ni Mshauri wa Kliniki ya Akili wa Kliniki na Leseni. Mshauri wa Pombe na Dawa za Kulevya. Kristen ana BA katika Saikolojia na ya Uzamili katika Ushauri wa Kliniki ya Afya ya Akili kutoka Chuo Kikuu cha Vermont.

Christina Brown

Director of Basic Needs Programs

Christina joined Spectrum in 2018 as a Youth Coach at the Drop-In Center before transitioning into the Senior Staff position, and then ending up as the director of the program. She moved up to Vermont from Asheville, NC, where she received her B.A. in Global Studies and Spanish, as well as a vocational education in general carpentry from Warren Wilson College.

Christina amefanya kazi na mashirika kadhaa yasiyo ya faida kushughulikia usalama wa makazi na ukosefu wa makazi, na hata kuweka mikono yake kufanya kazi kama seremala wa kujitegemea. Amechukua shauku na ustadi huo barabarani katika safari zake nyingi kuzunguka Amerika Kusini, lakini mwishowe alitua hapa Burlington na mwenzi wake, binti yao mchanga, na mbwa wao wa zamani. Katika wakati wake wa bure, Christina bado anafurahiya kuweka mikono yake busy na miradi ya useremala wa nyumbani. Anapenda kukimbia, angalia muziki wa moja kwa moja, na atoke msituni iwezekanavyo.

Alicia Cerasoli, MSW

Director of the Compass Program

Alicia Cerasoli joined Spectrum in 2017 as a Youth Development Coordinator before becoming the Director of the Compass Program in 2022. As the Director of the Compass Program, Alicia oversees Spectrum’s prevention, crisis, and stabilization program, which provides clinical support to at-risk youth and their families. Prior to joining Spectrum, Alicia worked with adults with developmental disabilities. Alicia served as a Vermont State Housing Authority AmeriCorps member with Cathedral Square. Alicia earned her Masters of Social Work from Simmons University in 2022 and her Bachelors of Social Work from Champlain College, where she enjoyed studying abroad and held social work internships in Dublin, Ireland, and Banjul, Gambia. Alicia enjoys cooking new recipes, baking treats, and spending time in the sun.

Stefanie Comstock

Director of the St. Albans Drop-In Center

Stephanie joined Spectrum in November 2020 as the Director of the St. Albans Drop-In Center.  Prior to Spectrum, she worked for Lund as a substance use case manager and clinician co-located at the DCF Family Services Office in St. Albans. She also has years of experience as an outreach case manager at Safe Harbor Health Center.

Anashikilia MS katika Utawala wa Haki ya Jinai kutoka Chuo Kikuu cha Cincinnati na ni Mshauri aliyethibitishwa wa Pombe na Dawa za Kulevya (ADC) katika jimbo la Vermont.

Gina D'Ambrosio

Director of the Jump On Board for Success (JOBS) Program

Originally from Philadelphia, Gina joined Spectrum in 1996 as a JOBS clinician when the program was first introduced as a part of Spectrum services, eventually becoming Program Manager. Prior to joining Spectrum, Gina worked in the Los Angeles area with struggling youth as well as being employed as a third grade teacher. Gina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and has been trained in various trauma-informed care frameworks, co-occurring disorders, and adolescent brain development.

Over the past 20 years, Gina has served on the Board of Directors for a School-to-Work non-profit organization, facilitates a monthly case consultation team for transition age youth, and recently joined a first-episode psychosis consultation team. She enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors and hanging with her partner, three children and two grandchildren.

Tammy Guilbault

Director of Human Resources

Tammy joined Spectrum as the Human Resources Administrator and has since, moved to the role of Director of Human Resources. Tammy’s HR and payroll experience comes from 15 years as the Operations Manager for a Payroll and HR Software development company, where she was responsible for payroll and HR tasks.

Tammy lives in Burlington with her husband. She has 3 grown daughters and 2 grandchildren.

Zeynab Kouyate

Director of the Multicultural Youth Program

Zeynab Kouyate started with Spectrum in June 2022 and was promoted within her first year.  She is now the Director of the Multicultural Youth Program and oversees a team that works with youth from many different backgrounds by helping them to have equal rights and opportunities and access resources and case management. Zeynab has worked with youth from different countries such as Congo, Somali, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Nepal, India, and more.  She has an Associates Degree in Human Services and earned a gratitude certificate from CVOEO in 2022 for helping a French-speaking family living in Vermont with applications, interpretation, and accessing different resources available to them.

Rebecca Majoya

Director of the Mentoring Program

Rebecca joined Spectrum in April of 2019 as the Mentor Program Associate and became the Director of the Mentoring Program in May of 2021. She has two decades of experience in social work and education. She spent 10 years working to prevent domestic and sexual violence and 8 years as the executive director of The Mentor Connector in Rutland VT. She also currently teaches education courses at CCV. Her Bachelors is in Communication Arts and Education from Cedarville University, and she has a Master’s in Education from Castleton University. She enjoys kayaking, gardening, reading and writing and spending time with her partner and grown children.

Liana Redmond

Director of DEI

Liana started at Spectrum in June 2022. She is an international adoptee who was born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in the suburbs of Essex Junction. Combining her passion for systems work, her lived experiences as a BIPOC Vermonter, various professional careers, and graduate-level education in counseling, she is looking forward to addressing big-picture questions about diversity, equity, and inclusion as Spectrum’s Director of DEI. Through a critically conscious and intersectional lens, she aims to be an agent of change in the community by dismantling systems of oppression and creating more accessible programming and services for all marginalized populations.

Leslie Schwartz

Director of the Youth Development Program

Leslie joined Spectrum as a Youth Development Coordinator in 2017 and became the program director in 2021. Prior to joining Spectrum, she worked as a case manager at Lund for six years, where she served pregnant and parenting families with gaining independent living skills. She is also the co-owner of Vermont Knitting Company. Leslie holds B.A.s in Sociology, Anthropology, and English Literature from Elmira College. She lives in Colchester with her family.