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  • Kayla Lopez

    Moving on from foster care: Chris Bohjalian interviews Kayla Lopez

    Kayla Lopez was just 8 years old when she had a neighbor call the police for her to get placed in foster care. Vermont author Chris Bohjalian spoke with her recently about her experience with the foster care system and how Spectrum helped her.

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  • Untitled-4

    Spectrum program gets dramatic results.

    Our Rapid Referral Program offers immediate substance abuse counseling to youth who committed drug- or alcohol-related crimes. A study found that youth who did not go through the program went on to re-offend 84.3% of the time, compared 18.7% for youth who did go through it.

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  • geisel

    Concerned about your teen’s substance use?

    Spectrum and Dartmouth College are teaming up for a research study that includes confidential assessment and treatment for teens and families dealing with substance use problems.

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    Want more information about the new Vermont Health Care Exchange?

    Spectrum Drop-In staff are Health Navigators for the Vermont Health Connect, which means we can walk youth ages 18-24 through their options on the new health insurance exchange. Stop by the Drop-In Center, email, or call 802-324-2934 for more info.

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