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Spectrum Mentoring Program named recipient of MENTOR Vermont 2023-2024 mentoring grant

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Spectrum’s Mentoring Program received a grant for mentoring in multiple counties: Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle.

Vermont Business Magazine writes, “MENTOR Vermont recognizes that young people are natural dreamers, but not all youth are given the same access and opportunities to achieve those dreams. A caring and committed mentor can help a young person ignite their curiosities, solidify their passions, and leverage their talents.

More than ever, youth need supportive, committed mentors in their life who see, hear, and champion them. Mentoring relationships provide individualized attention and support, a primary component of pandemic recovery. By increasing the quality and quantity of safe and effective mentoring relationships in places where young people live, learn, connect, and play, the Vermont Mentoring Grants help address the inequities plaguing Vermont youth.

Through the generous contributions of the A.D Henderson Foundation and the Vermont Department for Children and Families, MENTOR Vermont provides annual funding to mentoring agencies, investing in the creation and support of quality, long-term, youth mentoring programs.

At a time when research shows that loneliness and isolation are trending upwards, we know that relationships are powerful tools for significant change. They bring us together, help us to navigate our divides, and create a common purpose. Mentoring unites us.”

Read the entire article here.

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