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Spectrum’s Sleep Out

March 26, 2015

Business and Community Leaders Sleeping Out in Solidarity with Homeless and At-Risk Teens in Our Community!





On March 26, 2015, business and community leaders will come together to spend the night outside overnight in solidarity with the many clients that we serve who may be homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Participants in the business and community leader Sleep Out each raise $2,000 or more to help youth and families transform their lives.

For photos of last year’s event, check out our facebook album or these photos posted by participants.

Sleeping out? Tell us why, snap a picture, and post it to social media using the hashtag #SpectrumSleepOut!

Questions or want to join us this year? Contact Kate Romm at 864-7423 x330 or

Click here if you’re looking for the Student Sleep Out.


We all had our share of trying moments growing up, but most of us didn’t have to worry about whether we would have food to eat or somewhere to sleep. Participating in the Sleep Out last night exposed me to some of the awful situations that troubled youth are put in. I want to do more to help.

- Nuan Openshaw-Dion,

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