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Spectrum’s Sleep Out

March 23, 2017

On March 31, 2016, 110 business and community leaders came together to spend the night outside overnight in solidarity with the many clients that we serve who may be homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Over the next two weekends, 400 students joined the movement and Slept Out in locations across Chittenden County, raising funds and showing their solidarity with homeless youth.

All told, the Spectrum Sleep Out has raised $258,798 and counting! Because we spend so little to put the event on, you can be proud knowing that over 98% of every dollar will go straight to helping teens and young adults turn their lives around.

Thank you to all of the Business and Community Leaders and Students that slept out in Solidarity with Homeless and At-Risk Teens in Our Community!

Interested in the 2017 Sleep Out to be held on March 23rd?  Please contact Sarah Woodard at or 864-7423 x 350 for more information.

For photos of the 2016 Sleep Out, check out our Facebook album!

Click here if you’re looking for the Student Sleep Out.


We all had our share of trying moments growing up, but most of us didn’t have to worry about whether we would have food to eat or somewhere to sleep. Participating in the Sleep Out last night exposed me to some of the awful situations that troubled youth are put in. I want to do more to help.

– Nuan Openshaw-Dion,

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