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Annie Ramniceanu Presented with Outstanding Professional Award

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Chief Mike Schirling presents Annie Ramniceanu with the Outstanding Professional Award

Chief Mike Schirling presents Annie Ramniceanu with the Outstanding Professional Award

The KidSafe Collaborative Lunch was held on April 17, 2014 and we were so pleased when our own, Annie Ramniceanu, was presented with the Outstanding Professional Award for her work to support the youth and families in our communities.

Chief Mike Schirling presented her with the award and here’s what he had to say about Annie:

“For the past 16 years Annie has been at Spectrum and her bio stands on its own. If you take a chance to read it, it’s really pretty amazing.

For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting her, the passion she has for the work that she does is infectious. She’s held a variety of roles at Spectrum – too numerous to name. Spectrum serves over 2,000 youth and families annually and Annie has a direct hand in many of those contacts.

Emblematic of her work are the collaborations: From partnering with KidSafe and the Burlington Police Department, to groundbreaking work with the Dartmouth Medical School centered on teen addiction and a cornerstone of her efforts and a sort of signature achievement (I think) in her collaboration with courts and Judge Joseph in particular through a Rapid Referral Program… that was created in two weeks.

Judge Joseph had an idea and it took one phone call to someone as motivated and dedicated to youth as Annie to get it implemented and in action and I think that is particularly emblematic of what she does.

So all of those things centered around key programs in substance abuse and mental health that she has been an integral part of at Spectrum and all of the collaboration with various agencies to perform that great work is what has earned her today the Outstanding Professional Award.”

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