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David is Sleeping Out because…

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Each year, over 500 people sleep outside in solidarity with youth facing homelessness by participating in the Spectrum Sleep Out. This year we asked one of our returning participants why he chooses to sleep out.

David Rose started a Sleep Out team for his company, Rose Computers, years ago and hopes to get other businesses to join.

Why do you Sleep Out?

I sleep out because by spending one night  a year of my life outside in the cold I can help people in need right here in our community. It is a chance for me to give back, and Spectrum helps many people that may not have any other options without their help.

What was it like your first year?

The first year was exciting and very challenging for me. I came with only the clothes on my back and a sleeping bag. In the hour between setting up our sleeping area and going to bed for the night I left my water bottle on my sleeping bag. It leaked out through my sleeping bag and cardboard. I was wet and cold all night, but determined not to go inside because the people I was doing this for don’t always have the option to go inside. I was shivering badly when I called for pickup at 6am. Subsequent years have been easy by comparison.

Rose Computers doesn’t  always raise a huge amount of money, but every dollar helps, and it helps reminds us how fortunate we all are. Thank you, Spectrum, for all that you do, and for the opportunity for me to help make a difference.

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