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“I Can Be Stronger”

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Playing Soccer Builds Leadership Skills for Multicultural Youth



“I like coming here and playing soccer–because as a girl, you can show them you can be fast, you can be strong, and you can play with them and be better than them.“

Thanks to our donors, Spectrum is building programs in the Burlington community to help multicultural youth develop leadership skills. One program that brings teens together, throughout the school year, to build these skills is the indoor soccer program.

Through a shared interest in soccer, young adults of different genders and diverse backgrounds come together to foster new relationships. Through soccer meetups youth can realize their potential and get the resources they need to reach their goals.


“I like interacting with and learning from other people here that I’ve never met before now and having fun and getting a lot of exercise.”

“As a woman, we don’t get a lot of opportunities to play [soccer] and when we play with the men, we can be better. I can show them as a girl, I’m faster and two years in a row I am the top scorer in MYP soccer!”

“One day, I want to be like Alex Morgan, she plays for the USA Women’s National team. Now they [women] have a league and it is for the next generation of girls like me. That’s my woman, one day I will be like her – she scores goals!”

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