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Spectrum statement regarding violence and discrimination against the AAPI community

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Hate, fear and racism have once again led to violence and killing in America, this time in Georgia, this time directed towards members of the Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities who identify as women.  

These recent tragic deaths are part of a disturbing trend, with AAPI hate crimes having surged 150 percent over the past year.  

None of this should be surprising to any of us.  It is a fact that some members of the leadership of this country have scapegoated the AAPI community for the Covid-19 pandemic. It is unfortunate that it is not until terrible acts of violence like those that took place last weekend that we react to this racism.

Spectrum stands in solidarity with our AAPI staff and clients.

We condemn all violent attacks as well as the scapegoating and blaming. 

We will continue to call out injustices and xenophobia and proactively commit to addressing racial and social justices. It is our responsibility both individually and collectively to do the hard, important work of creating a truly equitable and inclusive community. 

Together, as a community, we need to listen, learn, and affirm the principles of welcoming and empowering all forms of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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