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Vermont is struggling to provide mental health counseling, especially for young people

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Mental health counselors at Riverstone counseling.

Read this recent article by Dan D’Ambrosio from the Burlington Free Press, on the increased need for mental health counseling throughout the state of Vermont. The article centers Riverstone Counseling’s challenges in meeting the mental health needs of Spectrum’s youth.

Vermont is facing a perfect storm of increased need for mental health counseling, especially among young people, and decreased supply of mental health counselors, according to the deputy commissioner of the Department of Mental Health.


Hannah Katz and Alyx Herbert are two of Riverstone’s mental health counselors. The program offers outpatient counseling only, usually seeing clients at least once a week. Each counselor aims to book 25 appointments weekly.

Katz said the mental health crisis brought on by the pandemic, among teens at least, comes largely from being cut off from school.

“For young people especially the most important relationships in their lives are typically friends,” Katz said. “People were isolated, not able to go to school, not able to do their extracurriculars, stuck at home. COVID presented a crisis because of all the good things that were taken away.”

Riverstone counselor Hannah Katz. Photo by Dan D’Ambrosio/Burlington Free Press


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