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“I will succeed!”

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Rajnii and Ethan

From left, Governor Phil Scott, Ethan, and Rajnii Eddins.

Mentor pair Rajnii and Ethan went to Montpelier, VT last week for the Mobius Mentors Mentoring Celebration at the statehouse, and they had a blast!

Rajnii Eddins, of Bless the Child, and Ethan kicked off the ceremony at the statehouse with a Mentor Rap. They taught the audience how it went, and then performed it.

They also got to meet Governor Phil Scott, who read a Mentoring Month proclamation at the event. Rajnii, Ethan, and the rest of the audience also celebrated Emily Bellmore, who was named Comcast’s Mentor of the Year. Congratulations, Emily!

Here’s the song that Rajnii wrote and that he and Ethan performed at the mentoring celebration:

Say I will succeed… 3x (All: I will succeed)
I keep it positive in my thoughts, words, and deeds.

It’s a special dedication
A mentorship celebration
Not even sky’s the limit
So get your education
Thank every one of y’all
for your participation
Without that affirmation
Life can be intimidating
What you do for the youth
Is a demonstration
Changing negative
to positive situations
Honestly that’s the reason
We commemorating
Say, the youth is the truth
That’s why I give you praises
A simple token of my esteem
For your living greatness
So let me celebrate our mentorship connection
Everybody Wins, we in the same Spectrum.

Say I will succeed… 3x
I keep it positive in my thoughts, words, and deeds.

All of you here
let your light be magnified
Reading and feeding the mind
Voices amplified
Your thirst for knowledge has a never-ending appetite
Keep pursuing, and soon your dreams will have arrived
Everybody needs some support displayed
Time spent with youth can go a long way
Time on the courts
Bonding, playing sports
Science and mathematics
Applying mental mechanics
Art from the heart
Plays its part on the canvas
Tutoring the students
Rebooting the true computer
Mentorships attentive to community improvement
I believe you’ll do it
cause you here to show and prove it.

Say I will succeed… 3x
I keep it positive in my thoughts, words, and deeds.

Rajnii and Ethan lead mentor rap.

Rajnii and Ethan lead a mentoring rap.

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