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Una carta abierta a los que no saben cómo ayudar.

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I am doing horrible because everybody is supposed to be happy around the holidays but all I feel is empty. I can’t speak for everyone, but to me the holidays are just a big, national reminder of what’s missing and what I can’t get back.
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Las cinco etapas de la escritura, el duelo y la escritura sobre el duelo

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The final stage of just about anything you will ever do in life is acceptance. In this particular writing, acceptance came when I decided I wasn’t going to write about what was easy, I was going to write about what I know.
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¿North está realmente "arriba"?

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To be in the housing program at Spectrum, you are required to be working on something. Whether it be employment and building your savings, school, or yourself. I chose to work on myself.
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