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If you are between the ages of 12-30
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Phỏng vấn cặp cố vấn: Kiara và Terry

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“I feel young again,” says Terry of her experience as a mentor. “I feel like a teenager when I’m with her. I feel excited to show her new things, but often Kiara is the one who is teaching me more.” Learn more about Kiara and Terry’s mentoring partnership.
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Thư ngỏ mong những ai chưa biết giúp đỡ.

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I am doing horrible because everybody is supposed to be happy around the holidays but all I feel is empty. I can’t speak for everyone, but to me the holidays are just a big, national reminder of what’s missing and what I can’t get back.
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Our winter warming shelter opened its doors November 6th. It’s located in the Parish Hall of St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral between Allen and Peru Streets in Burlingotn. We wanted to let you know that our winter warming shelter for youth opened its doors for the first time this week. And it’s funded entirely by people like you. …
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