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Phỏng vấn cặp cố vấn: Kiara và Terry

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“I feel young again,” says Terry of her experience as a mentor. “I feel like a teenager when I’m with her. I feel excited to show her new things, but often Kiara is the one who is teaching me more.” Learn more about Kiara and Terry’s mentoring partnership.
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Những lời bạn không bao giờ muốn nghe cha mẹ nói

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Our executive director recently received a note from a mom whose son is consumed with his addiction. “I myself feel very guilty and a failure as parent because I knew this could happen to him. I talked to him about it several times…” she wrote. “But talking and a good family weren’t enough.” You can read Mark’s response in the …
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Lời khuyên nào bạn sẽ cho một căn phòng đầy đủ cha mẹ?

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Our Executive Director, Mark Redmond, spoke on Friday, February 6th at the TEDx Burlington event. Mark told a story about how he’d received an email from someone asking, “I am going to be teaching a parenting class at a local school. What advice would you give to a room full of parents?” His answer also …
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