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In solidarity…

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Thank you for cheering us on again this year at the Pride Parade and Festival through Burlington. The theme was “solidarity,” and we marched in solidarity with youth who identify as LGBT*.

Many Spectrum staff were there, and as the march progressed, many of the youth we work with joined in. And all of you on Church Street were so supportive. Thank you for being part of it.

Stephanie, who works in our JOBS program, shared this:

“Through my work with Spectrum, I’ve witnessed the disproportionate numbers of LGBT*–identified youth who experience homelessness and struggle with thoughts and attempts of suicide.

“The energy of the parade was incredible. There was an air of togetherness, love and acceptance which fit perfectly with this year’s theme of ‘solidarity.’

“I felt surrounded by people who felt free to be who they were and thrilled to see those around them doing the same.

“It filled my heart to see our youth walking in the parade with us and knowing that we were there to celebrate and affirm their identities.”

We are so grateful to have been part of the Pride Parade this year. See you next year!


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