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Spectrum Staff Sleep Out!

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Staff Photo

When four Spectrum staff members came to us and said they wanted to do the Sleep Out, we weren’t going to say no. But we had to ask — why would staff want to do the Sleep Out when they’re here day in and day out already?

Well, as one staff member put it, it’s not just about Spectrum. It’s about all of YOU in the community who make it possible for us to do our work every day.

“I’m excited to be a part of a community of people who are passionate about social justice and about Spectrum as a tool for supporting homeless and at-risk youth. To me, one of the best feelings is that of being a part of a group of people, especially a large group, with a common goal for equity and social justice and a drive to achieve it. It’s a powerful feeling, especially when the feeling is put into action.”

Mike, who works in Supported Housing, said, “I work with almost every young person that comes into Spectrum and can see first-hand how important this program is to them. My job is to provide them with safe housing and help them reach their goals in life, so thank you for being a part of that effort!

If you’d like to sponsor our staff in their Sleep Out, you can donate by clicking here. Thank you for helping our youth reach their dreams!

(Pictured above: Michelle from Counseling, Denise from Finance, Allie from Drop-In, and Kristen from Counseling.)

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